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It's shaping up quite well on PlayStation 4
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It's shaping up quite well on PlayStation 4
Although our expertise was off and on as a result of stress test nature of the beta Buy Tera Gold, we did manage to get an adequate feel for the title. Long story short, we think that it's shaping up quite well on PlayStation 4.

Just like with any MMO that is making the leap from PC, Tera's experienced a great deal of tweaking to be able to make it completely playable on games console. Fortunately, the tweaking seems to have been effective. Two action bars line the base of the display, and you simply flick involving them by holding down a shoulder button. The control plot clicked with us right away, and it is always a fantastic sign.

There's still a great deal of display clutter to wade through, however. There's text anyplace and in the beginning it feels like you're being buried alive by information, but it's obviously something that routine players can get accustomed to. Our sole complaint so far as presentation goes is that every one of the menus look rather simple and dull.

So how can Tera play? The system's reasonably fluid, and with a bunch of different player classes to choose from, there's a good amount of variation on offer.

Just to be clear, this is not Devil May Cry, but as far as MMOs go, it is rather an impressive hack and slasher. Think The Elder Scrolls Online, only a lot more over-the-top, and you are on the ideal track. The bottom line is it's pretty fun, and ps4 tera gold enjoyed letting loose with assorted strong attacks once we had unlocked them up.

However, everything beyond combat seems somewhat standard -- the type of quality that you'd possibly expect from a free-to-play MMO. Early quests are throwaway affairs, and the dialogue is immediately forgettable. While we get that lots of people simply dive into games such as Tera because they like the mill, it would still be nice if things felt more involved.
10-04-2018 05:36
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